The Ebon Oath

Many tales of the Ebon Oath have been told, and most of which are passed off as simple rumors. But each had began the same way… It was only a year after the Temple of Elemental Evil and its forces had fallen and there was relative peace in the surrounding regions for that time. Though many sightings of strange masked creatures had been cropping up in the smaller villages.

Nobody could quite explain these creatures, they were gone seemingly as quickly as they had been noticed, and over the next four years the rumors were used only to scare children into coming home before dark.

Yet, at the tail end of the fifth year, something happened in which nobody could explain. A solar eclipse had taken all light from the sky, plunging the world into temporary darkness. Though they do not occur often, eclipses are not unheard of and thus little was thought of the event. That was explainable, those who wound up missing for the entire duration of the eclipse however were not so easily explained. Thus the rumors began stirring once more.

They say that those who were taken returned shortly after, but only to arrive with a strange mark. Others may regale how they themselves were taken, and forced to adhere to a strict code, known only as the Ebon Oath. Perhaps the strange beings are linked to the disappearances, but these are only rumors and there are many more pressing matters in the world this day and age.

The Ebon Oath

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